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To Our First Parent Support Meeting
Thursday, September 17, 2020
 Grades K-2     Grades 3-6 
 12:30-1:10 PM2:00-2:40 PM 
 5:30-6:10 PM 7:00-7:40 PM
A Zoom Meeting Link will be sent to Parents on Wednesday. A Zoom Meeting Link will be sent to PArents on Wednesday. 
The meetings will be recorded and links sent to parents for future reference

Amanda Adam: Math Specialist
Marsha Howell: Literacy Specialist

 The purpose of the Parent Support Meeting is to provide parents strategies and techniques 
for helping their children learn at home.

Note: Our Presenters cannot answer questions about technology or Specific Learning @ Home Educational Platforms or specific class assignments.  Information about Learning Platforms and program information can be found below or by emailing:

Topics / Learning Outcomes
Learn about practical, hands-on suggestions to support students at home in math and English Language Arts.
Learn how to provide oral language experiences and use of concrete materials that
 in-class learning typically includes. 
Learn about activities that are recommended for all students to engage in regardless if learning is taking place at home or in classParticipants will have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions via a post-meeting survey that presenters will answer and use to plan future meetings.
Meetings are optional and are provided to support Learning @ Home Parents 
Activities suggested at parent meetings are optional.


Full Time Learning at Home for Parents Who Want This Option

Realizing that some parents may not want to have their child return to school in the fall because of the risks posed by the Covid 19 virus. Our reopening plan includes a full-time at-home learning program to meet their needs. 

Our at-home program will allow students to continue their education at home using a curriculum that can be accessed online.  THIS IS A SELF-GUIDED PLATFORMStudents using this option remain a Jefferson Area Local Schools Student. In addition to the curriculum, which can be accessed anytime, students and parents will receive support from Jefferson Teachers.

Enrollment in this option is required. Families must commit to a semester of online learning.

Parents and students can return to in person schooling at the end of the first semester if circumstances change and they want to return. Students will be provided a school district Chromebook to use to access classes. Internet Access at home is needed.

Check Out Pathblazer Curriculum

To Enroll in the Full-Time At-Home Learning Program Complete the Enrollment Form / Survey

(Note Enrollment Closed)