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The following learning platforms are used by students in the Learning @ Home Program.
They have been placed here for easy access.  Just click on the platform name to be taken to the login page.
Also, a brief overview of each program along with information about what students will learn is included.

Students login with Google - Email Address and Password
Brain Pop Jr K-3
Brain Pop 4-6
BrainPOP is a highly-functional educational tool for students.  It offers curriculum-based learning strategies in-line with state educational standards. The website provides helpful animated videos about many topics children will encounter in school; from the civil war, to writing a five paragraph essay, algebra, and even the process of photosynthesis. The site is divided into Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering & Tech, Health, and Arts & Music categories – ensuring users become well-rounded, multi-faceted, enthusiastic learners across a broad spectrum of subjects, utilizing the engaging, interactive web material to better convey content. Users can take quizzes to track their understanding  and use material like lists and graphic organizers to supplement their homework.  BrainPOP Jr. is for younger users in grades K-3.

What do students learn:
Follow this link and choose Ohio's Standards, subject area and grade level to see what Students learn.

eSpark K-3 

Students login with Google - Email Address and Password

With standards-based games, videos, and digital activities, students work independently to succeed at their own level and pace. Students begin an adaptive pathway with direct instruction and practice activities after taking an initial placement test. Teachers will also assign specific standards to reinforce what you’re teaching or target skills where students need more practice.

What do students learn:

Kindergarten Math
Kindergarten English Language Arts
Grade 1 Math
Grade 1 English Language Arts
Grade 2 Math
Grade 2 English Language Arts
Grade 3 Math
Grade 3 English Language Arts

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy is used to provide students with additional grade level instruction and practice in mathematics. Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Login by teacher invitation

What do students learn: Click here for math Content Overview by Grade Level

        LEARNING A-Z 

        Teacher provided login

Provide a group of resources that are all are easy to access with one login. In addition to important grade level instruction this platform will provide students with independent reading materials. 

Reading A-Z (RAZ KIDS), 

The Reading A-Z website has more than 2,500 downloadable books and thousands of teaching and learning materials.
Raz-Kids is an award-winning resource that provides a library of differentiated books at 29 levels of difficulty students use to practice reading in school, at home, or on the go. Digital and mobile access means that students get the personalized reading practice they need anytime, anywhere. And with easy-to-use online controls, teachers can quickly manage and track their students' reading progress in a matter of minutes. All resources are accessible online and available in printable, projectable, and digital formats to strengthen the connection between what is being taught and what students independently practice.

Science A-Z, 

Science A-Z  provides comprehensive science units containing an extensive collection of multilevel texts, engaging lessons, and hands-on science experiments for kids. The product blends the core ideas and practices of science with reading instruction to allow seamless integration of science and literacy into daily curriculum. Reading resources are offered at three developmental levels (low, mid, high) within each grade range (K-2, 3-4, 5-6).

Vocabulary A-Z, 

Vocabulary A-Z is a digital solution for helping K-5 students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension. With Vocabulary A-Z, teachers can differentiate vocabulary instruction and practice with premade and customizable word lists, printable and digital lessons, and online game-based activities and quizzes that students love!

Writing A-Z 

Writing A-Z provides the differentiated materials and instruction tools K-6 educators need to teach writing in the classroom. With an extensive collection of resources differentiated at 5 developmental levels, teachers can easily provide the lessons and activities their students need to improve their writing skills. The product also delivers a set of eLearning tools students can use to practice their creative and process writing skills and submit assignments to their teacher online.

Pathblazer (K-6) 

Odyssey : Social Studies (Grades 1-6) Science (Grades 2-6)

Teacher Provided Login

Pathblazer is a personalized intervention program that provides supplemental online instruction with fun, motivating content that builds foundational skills in math and ELA. Using existing student data or results from a screener and pretest, Pathblazer immediately identifies where students are struggling and provides the targeted instruction they need to close early learning gaps. The enjoyable instruction in math and reading helps educators engage students, keep their attention, and accelerate them to grade level. And the data that Pathblazer collects as students complete their work gives teachers the power to monitor learning and maximize results.

Students begin with an adaptive screener to determine functional level, and then take a diagnostic pretest at that level to pinpoint skill gaps. Or, schools can import existing student data from one of our assessment integration partners to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing.

Each student is provided with an individualized learning path designed to fill gaps and accelerate them to on-level mastery. All lessons are built around a gradual-release instructional model of explicit instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessment.

Resources for Parents
Getting Ready for Kindergarten - Handout - Click Here

The K-3 Learning Standards - Click Here
The K-3 standards created in the domains of approaches toward learning, physical well-being, and social and emotional development address key concepts and skills that children develop and learn in these areas during their kindergarten through grade 3 years. 

Getting involved in your child's education

Ohio’s Educational System - Click Here

Identify what students need to know and be able to do

Offer guidance to local educators as they teach with the standards and create aligned assessments

Measure how students are progressing through the standards

Provide tools to help all students and educators

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