School Work / Projects Done by Students During Covid 19 Pandemic

In light of the state of emergency in Ohio, and that the Governor and the Director of the Ohio Department of Health have closed all Ohio schools to students from March 16, 2020, through the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, the JALSD has updated its School Closure Delivery of Education Plan. (it is posted below)

On this page we will be posting assignments and projects developed by teachers and done by students to showcase their work and to document the schoolwork being done during this unique period in our school district's history.

Elementary Art
Sara R. Smith
Visual Art Teacher
Jefferson and Rock Creek Elementary Schools

As parents have been submitting photos of their child's artwork to me, I've been creating video slideshows to share with the students. Below, I've added a link to the first slideshow featuring art inspired by the artist Henri Rousseau. 

Though I am nervous that I'll soon discover that I accidentally left out a student's artwork or misspelled a name, I really wanted to share what the students have created. As always, seeing their artwork brightens my days and I hope that it does the same for others.  

Mrs. Julie Meyer
3rd Grade Teacher
Jefferson Elementary School
I've attached an Easter egg project I had the kids do - just create something out of colored eggs, and below is an acrostic written.
ACROSTIC: a poem, word puzzle, or other composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words.

Sunshine everyday

Playing Outside

Roses are blooming

Indians baseball games

Nice warm days

Green grass

Mrs. Gilman: Grade 1
Jefferson Elementary


Name: Maysin

Please INSERT (tab above) an IMAGE (under Insert) of a garden.  Search the web (under Image) for a garden you like.  Then type at least three sentences about your garden.    



My garden is a flower garden. I would plant a lot of flowers in it. My favorite flowers are roses. I would water them and give them sun. My garden smells so good.

Civilization eBook by Mrs. Koranda’s homeroom

Copy of Civilization eBook by Mrs. Koranda’s homeroom

Mrs. Adams’

Monster Writers

Grade 2

Jefferson Elementary School

Copy of Untitled presentation

Science Project: Plant Cell Model @ home
Mrs. Yeager Grade 6
Jefferson Elementary School


  1. Read the Science A-Z Project Explanation and Directions for creating a cell model. You will create a model of a plant cell

  2. Once you have created a model of a plant cell, use a cell phone to take a picture of it. Send the picture to your school Gmail account. 

  3. Open the email with the picture of your plant cell model. In the lower-right corner of your picture, you will have the option to download the picture or add it to My Drive. 

  4. Click on My Drive, so the picture will be saved in your Google Drive. 

  5. Go to Google Drive and right-click on your image without opening it. Choose “Get Shareable Link” option.

  6. Copy the link that is provided by clicking on it. 

  7. Paste the link below and hit enter. This will allow me to click on your link and see your picture.

Sarah Colwill
Kindergarten Teacher
Rock Creek Elementary School
Samples of projects

Mrs. Dixon
Junior High School Grade 7

Monday, April 20th

This week we are going to explore life in Medieval castles!  

Please watch the Mini Guide to Medieval Castles first.

Junior High School Art
Mrs. Heather Holodniak

Read this article: Getty Museum Challenge Shows Life Imitates Art Quite Well

Challenge accepted!

  1. Find a masterpiece (famous work of art) from an artist’s work that you can recreate using only items and people found in your home. BE CREATIVE!!! PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS! :) 

  2. Photograph your imitation of the famous work of art.

  3. Include the original image and label the famous artist’s name and title of the artwork that you chose to recreate.

  4. Be sure to submit your work to Google classroom.

Go to any museum to browse and find your favorite masterpiece to recreate! Try one of these to start browsing the collections…

Student Samples:

Christy Seymour - Science TEacher
Grade 6: Rock Creek Elementary
Assignment for 5th grade Science:To introduce you to Newton's Three Laws of Motion, I have 2 videos for you to watch.
After watching the two videos, fill in the attached chart about Newton's Three Laws fo Motion.
**You may complete the chart on the attached Doc OR on paper by hand, take a picture of your work and attach to the assignment or email.
By Isabella- Grade 6

Copy of An Emperor Penguin’s Habitat By: Rebecca Misinec

Craig Smylie
High School Multi-media Class

1). Create a video (at least 30 seconds long) promoting one or more COVID-19 “rules”. You can be in the video, your voice can be in the video, or you can get help from family members to put it together.  Your video can be serious, funny or a mixture of both, but these are going to be sent to the Ashtabula County Commissioners so please keep them appropriate. 

*****Chat it up with your classmates to see which free editing software has worked for them****

******Use different settings, different “camera” shots, get creative******


2). Create a meme or a gif promoting one or more COVID-19 “rules”.  

  • Google “create a meme”  (I used to make mine)

  • Take a Picture or Make a Video To Use in your Meme or Gif

  • Follow the Instructions like we did on our Zoom meeting

  • Save your Meme or Gif (Log-in using Google to be able to do this)

  • Submit it on Google Classroom

(JAHS Junior Jozalyn Hughell's COVID-19 Rules Video)

(JAHS Junior Maddie Smith's COVID-19 Rules Video)

This week's assignment is to complete your Anti-Vaping Contest video submission and the appropriate paperwork in preparation to submit it to the Ohio Department of Health.
Please follow the instructions below but do NOT submit the video to ODH until I have reviewed it over the weekend.
Your video is due by Tuesday April 14th at 9 AM.
I will review them and then help you submit them to ODH at the start of the following week in time to meet the deadline.
Below you will find the Contest Rules and two entry forms. Remember, that each of you needs to submit an entry form....even if you're working in pairs. You also need to submit a Model Release Form for anyone who is in your video.

- Video should be :25 to :45 long (This does not include a slate or credits if you choose to use them)
- Submission deadline is Wednesday April 15th by 5 PM (See rules for how to submit)
- Cannot show USE of vaping products or tobacco. CAN show the product itself as long as a BRAND NAME (ex: Juul, etc.) isn't visible.
- Please review judging criteria in the rule link listed below.

(Video created by JAHS Senior Laken Slawson for the Ohio Department of Health Anti-Vaping Contest)

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