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T. J. Furman
High School - Librarian / Social Studies

Company Research Project/Presentation

Present the following facts on a publicly traded company:

  1. Name of company

  2. Stock symbol

  3. Location of company headquarters

  4. Description of company (provide as much info as possible) 2-3 slides

  5. Current CEO

  6. History of the company: when ,where it started, who started it, why was it started, etc

  7. Major successes and failures of the company

  8. How has this company’s products or services impacted the lives of people in the United States?

  9. 1 year stock chart

  10. 5 year stock chart

  11. 10 year stock chart

  12. Current value of $1,000 invested 10 years ago

  13. Outlook for the future

  14. Reference page

Minimum number of slides:16

Minimum number of images: 10

Copy of Tory Durkovic - Company Research Project/Presentation

Copy of Andacy Dietrich - Company Research Project/Presentation

In preparation for the state exam, students were assigned a state-released question focusing on Roosevelt and Johnson.  After embedding the question (ie. creating a thesis statement), students added an eye-catcher to create an introductory paragraph.  (The eye-catcher is the first part of an introductory paragraph followed by the thesis.)  Students typed the paragraph into a Google Doc and shared it with me.  Once the work was received, I provided guidance to help students succeed—because that is how they learn.                                                          

Mrs Klein, English

High School

Mrs. Klein--Coronavirus Task Example assignment

Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

DBQ (Document Based Questions)

Directions:  Watch the Ted Talk on the Japanese American Internment Camps during WWII.  Then write a reaction paragraph based on the discussion questions below.  Be sure to address all questions in your answer.  Please type in BLUE.

Copy of Milenka Moody - Hiroshima and Nagasaki DBQ

My class spent three weeks on this project.  The first week they researched an environment.  I gave them choices of environments and links to find information.  They had guiding questions to find information on these environments.  The second week, based on their research, they chose an animal from their environment. They researched to answer guiding questions about their animals, including some that focused on that animal's ability to adapt and survive in its environment.  Finally the third week, they had a choice board where they chose a way to present their information. 
Barb Dwyer
Grade 4
Jefferson Elementary School

Fennec Fox’s A, B, C Book web

Gabryella - Animal Adaptation Project

Sarah Thompson
Grade 8
Junior High School
Social Studies Assignment Sample
Inside Google Classroom

1. Listen to the book 'Arthur Writes a Story' by author Marc Brown

2. Write in your journal! Let's make a fiction story today. You can choose from these story starters:
-The main character in your story is your favorite superhero. Write a story about what they have to do in order to save the day.
- A powerful stone appeared, and it had the potential to change everything…
- Start your story with this sentence: On a vacation to an island, something unexpected happened…

Please have a beginning, middle and an ending. MUST be at least 5 sentences, 10 is better!
(Send me a picture, I'd love to read your stories!)  

Mr. Alden, 1st Grade Teacher
Rock Creek Elementary
Jefferson Area Local Schools

Elementary Music
Casey Tomlinson, Instructor

Elementary Music at Home