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JAHS Stage Band members record their original song “Multiplatinum” from home during social distancing restrictions
Fred Burazer
High School Band Director

YouTube Video

Jefferson Area High School Band
Concert Will Be Posted @ 7:00 pm on Tuesday, May 5th
See it Live or watch it Later

This was our first experience using Soundtrap to record a choir piece. Each student recorded their part individually, and I mixed them to create this track. I was pleasantly surprised about how well it turned out! The students did a great job. 
Natalie Meloro 
Vocal Music Teacher

Coming Soon

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour Activity.

Terry Moody

Rock Creek Elementary School

You are to retake the Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon - The home of our first president, George Washington.

Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

After you take the tour, you will select 10 different things from the bingo boards that are presented in the next link. After you select the ten things, you will list each one, paste a picture with the word, and give a description of thing or place. Include where it is found on the plantation and why it was important. Put it into your own words. DO NOT COPY.  You can go back and take the tour again. If you just do a search - make sure are using information about George Washington.

Select ten different things from the Mount Vernon Bingo sheets that are on the link that is attached.


Dung RepositoryThis building is located near the stable to store the manure so it can be mixed with other organic material to make fertilizer for the fields.

10 sites from Virtual Tour of Mount Vernon W Student amples

Invasive Species Slideshow - made by advanced reading group 

Bethany Williams

 / Grade 4
Rock Creek Elementary School

Mrs Williams - Class Research Slides

Family Tree Project

Bethany Williams

 / Grade 4
Rock Creek Elementary School

Natalie T- Monday, April 6 - Reading Lesson

Jazzlyn - Family Interview

CODING Projects:

Bethany Williams

 / Grade 4
Rock Creek Elementary School
Click These Links:

Drug Presentation Project Example
Steve Locy /Health
High School

Morgan - Drug Presentation Project Health

Ed Rankin
Junior High School
BLIMPS Assignment
Watch the YouTube videos on Blimps and take notes.
Read Blimp Facts Kids - Kiddle
Answer the questions and write a paragraph on what you have learned.
Complete your spelling test.
Stay safe and healthy!

Tracy Archuleta 
High School Art
Photojournalism Assignment

HS Art photojournalism- falcon

MRS Gaul's Kindergarten Class has Been Working Hard at Home

Mrs. Gaul’s Kindergarten Class

Elementary Physical Education at Home
Tracey Dawson, Teacher

Virtual Class Field Trip 
Grade 4 Jefferson Elementary School
Meredith Buck

Grade 4 Virtual Class Field Trip to Disney World- Buck