2020 Renewal Levy

Jefferson Area Local Schools

Renewal Levy

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November 3, 2020


  • This renewal levy generates $1,122,956 of our funding and will not raise your taxes! 

  • It was first passed by our community in 2001.  

  • Cost for a $100,000 house…$2.58 a week…$11.21 a month…$134.57 a year

  • By being fiscally responsible, we are providing the following without new local funding:

    • Safety:

      • Temperature Monitoring Stations at each school

      • Resource Officer/Armed Security Guard at each school

      • Mental Health Case Manager at each school

      • Raptor Visitor sign in system at each school

      • Door Barricades

Passing this levy helps get us off the ballot every year!

Help us continue to provide a SAFE QUALITY education on November 3rd!