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2013 05-08


Question: Why do we use the ESC?

Answer:   Educational Service Centers (ESCs) have no legal taxing or bonding authority, they derive their revenues from member districts, from the state as prescribed in law, through contracted services to districts, and from competition for grants and state funding.
State funding to ESCs is provided to support basic operations and statutorily mandated services. Funding consists of two major categories – unit funding for gifted and preschool handicapped units and a per pupil allocation.

About two thirds of the funding for ESCs comes from the member districts they serve through deductions or transfers that ODE makes out of the districts’ SF-3s to the ESCs. 

As a local school district, the JALSD, has its IDEA funding to support special education flow through the ESC. The ESC also provides curriculum and administrative support as well as mandated unit funding for gifted and preschool handicapped units.   The ESC also can provide support services and personnel to a district on a full-time or part-time basis including psychologists, speech or hearing therapists, occupational and physical therapists, alternative educational programs on-line or in school for students with behavioral issues. 

HB59 (the 2013-14 Budget Bill) may make significant changes to the operation of ESC's. this is something that will be known soon.

Question:  What is JC Montanaro’s background?  

Answer: Mr. Montanaro began his educational career as a teacher and administrator in the Ashtabula Area City Schools. He came to Jefferson in 2007 and served as the assistant principal for the grade 7-12 building and is currently the district's high school principal. 


Question:  Where are the questions and Board answers from the past few Board meetings? Why were questions from last Board meeting not answered? 

Answer:  The questions were delayed in being answered for the website because at the end of the school year staff are very busy with end of year events and reporting . 

Question:  Who will be the principal for Rock Creek?  

Answer:  Mr. Larry Meloro will serve as principal with a one year contract for the 2013-14 school year.

Question:  Are the two elementary schools sharing a principal? 

Answer:  No they are not.

Question:  Why are the employees in the cafeterias included with the cost of food and lunches and not under the rest of the union employees, such as bus drivers and maintenance?

Answer:  The cafeteria employees are considered as a food services cost for the purpose of measuring the food service operation’s capability of paying for the cost of food service.

The Uniform School Accounting System (USAS) requires school district revenue to be accounted for in separate funds and identified by source. This is accomplished locally when the school district records transactions using a Fund Number and a Receipt Code. Fund numbers and receipt codes are established and maintained by the Auditor of State.

Food service operations have income and expenses and exists under law as an 006 enterprise account.

006 Food Services

Authority: Section 3313.81, Revised Code

Purpose: A fund used to record financial transactions related to food service operation.

Classification: Governmental Fund Type, Special Revenue Fund

Proprietary Fund Type, Enterprise Fund

The  ENTERPRISE OPERATIONS is defined as: Activities that are financed and operated in a manner similar to private business enterprises where the stated intent is that the costs are financed or recovered

primarily through user charges, such as purchases for consumer service operations or internal

service operations. Food services would be charged to Function 3100.


3110 Service Area Direction *

3120 Food Purchasing, Preparation and Dispensing Services *

3130 Food Delivery Services *

3190 Other Food Services *

It is important for the district to work toward the food service operation funding itself and not drawing on the general fund for its operations.

Question:  Why don’t we use foam plates at lunch in our cafeterias?  

Answer:  A few years ago, students involved in the High School’s Green Team (students who sponsor recycling events) petitioned the Board and administration to review its use of Styrofoam and consider going back to paper products which can be recycled.  This was done and the return to paper products took place.


Question: 1. What are the number of teachers per grade level in our elementary schools:

Answer: Classroom Teachers Elementary

K 3 teachers
1 6 teachers
2 5 teachers
3 5 teachers
4 5 teachers
5 5 teachers
6 5 teachers

You can see a list of all teachers and their positions by building on our web site.

Question: 2. What is the problem with the Bonding Agent. (Why will they not honor their contract to pay?)

Answer: Because of pending litigation we are unable to answer/comment on this question at this time. 


Question: 1) Why were there voided checks of $108,209.00 reported.

Answer: Because there was an error in retirement posting that had to be backed out and re-posted.

Question: 2) What is the total amount available for expenditure from all sources for the end of the fiscal year.

Answer: The total amount from all sources available for expenditures from each fund set up in the budget, with the balances that exist at the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2013 is $24, 544,276.19

Question: 3) What is the cost of the swimming agreement with the SPIRE?

Answer: There are no Board funds used to pay for the swim team. Coaches volunteer and the expenses are paid by students' pay-to-participate fees and swim booster contributions of time and / or fundraising.