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2013 09-12


Question: Where are head cooks going that they need subs?

Answer: They have a monthly meeting with the supervisor to go over menus, USDA commodities, orders, and issues. 

Question: What is DASL for Vanessa Skidmore?

Answer: Professional development for Data Analysis for Student Learning. 

Question: Stacy Alexander and Michael Barney - for homecoming voting at the VoEd?

Answer: This gives our students at the A-Tech the opportunity to vote for our homecoming court.

Question: What is the AAC AD meeting for Steve Locy?

Answer: All-American Conference Athletic Directors meeting.

Question: Who is covering the cost of the trip to Myrtle Beach for the baseball team?

Answer: It is covered by the team through fundraising at no cost to the district.

Question: Who is CHS Contracting LLC for snowplowing and why are we paying them $15,000 per year (whether it snows or not) and the village is not plowing or we are not using our truck with the plow. Was that not part of the contract with the village to do such things as plow snow?

Answer: CHA Contracting LLC is a company located in Jefferson, Ohio.  We are paying because it was the lowest of the three bids: The three bids were: $15,000, $17,960 and $60,000. The village agreement included plowing the road, not the parking lots. Our employee plows the bus turn-a-rounds throughout the district, the board office parking lot, maintenance building and the bus garage.

Question: Please explain Investment report: What do the abbreviations mean?
HB= Huntington Bank
MMA=Money Market Account
MMAX=Money Market Account Xtra
CDARS=Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service


Question: Why did the Board of Education enter into multiple year contract with its two bargaining units?

Answer: When approaching contract negotiations it is always in the best interest of the Board of Education to negotiate as long of a contract as possible in order to bring stability to the budget management and projection process. Sometimes it is not possible to do so because the Treasurer may not be able to certify an agreement's financial components beyond one year. As stated at the meeting the contracts were negotiated with the unions, the treasurer was able to certify and this resulted in multi-year agreements.

Question: Please explain why all of the bus drivers' hours were changes?

Answer: All bus drivers start the year at 4.5 hours. After two weeks the Transportation Supervisor working with drivers actually times each driver's route and then determines the actual time that is to be allotted for each route. After the adjustment in route times is made each driver is given 15 minutes before each route for preparation of the bus.


Question: Picture ID’s for just transportation or for all staff and will the pictures be on the web site?

Answer: The picture ID’s are for just the transportation staff at this time. They will not appear on the web site.

Question: Obsolete surplus bus #7 – will there be a replacement? 

Answer: We do have the purchase of two new buses in our five year forecast; however the final decision has yet to be made.

Question: What are benefits for tutors for 4 hours daily?

Answer: None

Question: Explain Exhibit D in 9B-5.

Answer: Originally we contracted with Mays Consulting for 59 weeks of observation of the roof projects.  This is for up to an additional twenty weeks of observation.