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2013 01 & 02


Question: What can be done to better protect Rock Creek Elementary School in the event of an emergency since Jefferson Police are so far away compared to Jefferson Elementary School?

Answer: Jefferson Police do not routinely cover safety and security issues in Rock Creek. The area is under the jurisdiction of the Ashtabula County Sheriff Department and they would respond to events at Rock Creek Elementary School. If there is a major event there would be combined support from all area emergency responders. Jefferson Police have been supportive of all our schools, including visiting Rock Creek Elementary during lock down drills and providing support in the development of school safety plans and procedures. 

Question: What does “whistleblower protection” mean and what is it for in item 3 under New Business?

Answer: Board Policy 1411 is included below to explain whistleblower protection.


The Board of Education expects all its employees to be honest and ethical in their conduct, and to comply with applicable State and Federal law, Board policies and administrative guidelines. The Board encourages staff to report possible violations of these Board expectations to their immediate supervisors.

It is the responsibility of an employee who is aware of conduct on the part of any Board member or employee that possibly violates Federal or State law, or Board policy, to call this conduct to the attention of his/her immediate supervisor. If the employee's immediate supervisor is not responsive or is the employee whose behavior is in question, the employee may report to the Superintendent. If the reported conduct relates to the Superintendent, the report may be filed directly with the Board President.

After such a report is made, the immediate supervisor will ask that employee's report be put in writing. Any employee making such a report shall be protected from discipline, retaliation, or reprisal for making such report as long as the employee made a reasonable and good faith effort to determine the accuracy of any information reported. Employees are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, for purposely, knowingly, or recklessly making a false report under this policy. Conversely, employees are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination, if they are aware of a violation of Federal, State, or local law that the Board has the authority to correct and they do not make a report confirmed in writing to their immediate supervisor.

The Superintendent shall develop administrative guidelines necessary for implementation of this policy, including the development of forms upon which such reports may be made.

R.C. 4113.52
Adopted 5/21/08

Question: Has the consulting company been to observe the roofs and eaves? Where did the $78,000 come from for that project? When will the project be completed? Is the bonding company picking up the cost for the consultant?

Answer: Yes, Mays Consulting and Evaluation Services was hired by the Board to do forensic evaluation on the school roofs which included inspections,  infrared  thermography, and destructive testing. Building project funds will pay the $78,000 at a  shared cost of 67% Ohio Schools Facility Commission and 33% school district. The project is expected to begin in the spring and take 22 weeks to complete according to the contractors schedule.  The bonding company may eventually pay the cost of the evaluation and repair after mediation or litigation occurs.

 Question: What is the purpose of the grant in Item E of the Treasurer’s report? Where is the grant from?

Answer: The $500 grant is a donation from Jefferson Rotary Club to the Gifted and Talented program for the purchase of books to be used by students.