State Test Reference Tools For Teachers and Students

The following materials are available for testing.

Students need to be familiar with the math reference sheet for their grade level in order to effectively use it on the tests.

The writing rubrics have been amended to reflect new components that will be in effect this spring. ELA teachers need to be familiar with this content to effectively assist students in preparing for the writing components of ELA tests.

Math Reference Sheets

A reference sheet may be used on the Ohio State Mathematics Tests by all students in grades four and above.  For online testers, the math reference sheet is embedded within the platform. A hard-copy may be provided to students during online testing but these need to be printed at the local level. Once testing is finished, test administrators must collect the math reference sheets and shred any that may contain student writing.

Writing Rubrics

Two writing rubrics are available for grades 3 through 5: informative/explanatory and opinion. Two writing rubrics are available for grades 6 through high school: informative/explanatory and argumentation. 

Each rubric describes the score point characteristics across three domains. Text in red in these documents denotes changes that will apply beginning with the spring 2017 administration.

Reference materials for the physical science test.