Chromebook Development for Teachers

These resources are here to assist teachers in using Chromebooks as an instructional and assessment tool in the classroom.

Next Generation Assessment Resources 
Next Generation Assessments.  To successfully complete these assessments, students will need to be able to perform many technology tasks including:

Click / tapSelect objectUse text highlighter
ScrollSelect textUse calculator
Plot pointsSelect areaUse protractor
Drag and dropSelect and drag / slideUse ruler
Type with text editorUnselect
Use video player

The Assessments Next Generation website collects and shares free online resources that can be used to help students develop familiarity and proficiency with the technology skills they will need for next generation assessments.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE WEBSITE

Parent Student Page
This page has the following information:
  1. Chromebook Connect To WiFi
  2. Chromebook Help From Google
  3. Chromebook Keyboard Tips
  4. Chromebook Screen Resolution
  5. Chromebook Touchpad Tips

Resources for Chrome Users