z. March 13, 2018 Community Conversation

Through our Community Conversations the school district's Board of Education and leadership engages the community in discussions about the future direction of our schools. The topics and agenda for the conversation on March 13th were:

1. District Financial Update

2. School Safety

3. School Programs

The evening started with a financial update that provided information about the school districts current and future financial forecast.

The topic that sparked the most conversation was  school safety. Given recent school shootings and concerns about student threats reported by schools in our region, Superintendent Montanaro reviewed with the community our current school security program and sought input from them regarding an array of school safety issues  and potential policy responses to school violence and safety. Topics included:

  • Additional resource officers in our schools

  • Other ways of providing armed security

  • Concealed carry policies and arming school teachers, administrators and staff

  • Enhanced entry and exit security including cameras, locked doors, metal detectors, etc.

  • Incident Notification Protocols (When and how parents are notified of threats or incidents)

  • Providing Mental Health (social and emotional support) for students

There was strong support among participants for providing additional  assistance to students and parents who need help in reporting or solving problems. The school superintendent talked about his efforts to add a case manager to each of our buildings who will support students who need help, support teachers and principals in developing mental health and school environments that support students and help families in finding additional help in the community.

Throughout the conversation, parents and community members provided feedback and ideas. This feedback will be used by the superintendent and the school board in making decisions regarding the topics covered.

Superintendent Montanaro promised those in attendance that before security and safety procedures are adopted or changed the Board of education will work with the him to determine the cost of a proposals, seek teacher and staff input and go back to the community with details.

A copy of the superintendent's presentation with notes from the meeting can be viewed by clicking the link below.

William Mullane,
Mar 16, 2018, 2:02 PM