Social and Emotional Learning Standards & Expansion

Social and Emotional Learning Standards

In 2012, the State Board of Education adopted the Early Learning and Development Standardsfor children birth – kindergarten. These standards include Social and Emotional Development and include the skills, knowledge and behaviors that children develop within awareness and expression of emotion, self-concept, self-regulation, sense of competence and relationships with others. The Ohio Department of Education provides guidance and professional development around these standards, including implementation guides for teachers.

In 2015, the Ohio Department of Education, with approval from the State Board of Education, extended the social-emotional development standards from kindergarten through third grade.

This year, the Department will embark on two important pieces of work related to social-emotional development standards. The first area of work is to create social and emotional learning standards for grades four through twelve. Ohio does not currently have these standards in place, but is working with experts from around Ohio to start this work. The second area of work is to revise and update the existing kindergarten through grade three standards so that the social and emotional learning standards will be seamless kindergarten through grade 12.

Ohio experts are participating on an Advisory Council to provide guidance to the process and come from higher education, local school districts and organizations with whole child initiatives. 

If you have any questions about the development of Ohio’s Social and Emotional Learning Standards, please contact Linda McKean at for more information.