Ohio's Model Curricula

English Language Arts

Ohio teachers worked in teams in 2010 to suggest instructional strategies and resources that align with the Ohio's Learning Standards in English Language Arts. The State Board of Education adopted the results of their work, English Language Arts Model Curricula, in March 2011.

In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the Instructional Strategies in the model curricula.


These mathematics model curricula were written by Ohio educators to support the implementation of Ohio's Learning Standards in Mathematics. In March 2011 the State Board of Education adopted model curricula to match the standards. This document will grow and change over time.

In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the teaching strategies in the model curricula.


Scientific Inquiry – Primer

The Inquiry Primer is being designed to provide information that can be used by district and building leadership, curriculum directors and teachers to initiate conversations about the challenge of teaching science in the 21st century. It will emphasize the role of inquiry-based instruction in science education and offers guidance on implementation.

Inquiry Primer PowerPoint Presentations

The Next Generation Science Standards were released by Achieve April 9, 2013. Ohio continues to review the NGSS document for the purpose of identifying related resources and strategies that schools can use to support Ohio’s Learning Standards in Science, which began serving as the foundation for Ohio’s State Tests in Science in 2014-2015.


Click on the links below to access the fine arts learning standards.

The K-12 Fine Arts Model Curriculum lines up with and expands on Ohio’s Fine Arts Learning Standards fordance, drama/theatre, music and visual art. The Model Curriculum along with the standards is intended to guide arts educators and school districts as they design instructional lessons and local courses of study.

The 16 links that follow provide access to the curriculum model by arts discipline and grade cluster. To view and access a document:

  • Select your arts discipline—dance, drama/theatre, music or visual art—along with the grade cluster of interest—K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and HS (High School).
  • Open the document and note it starts with the standards for your selected arts area and grade levels;
  • View the model curriculum by standard--hold your curser over a standard blue code link (E.g. 1PE, 2PR) and click to open the related model curriculum page; or,
  • Open your selected document and scroll to view all the model curriculum pages for the arts discipline and grade levels. 

World Languages Model Curriculum


The state model curriculum aims to support the implementation of Ohio’s Learning Standards for K-12 World Languages, elaborate on the proficiency-based nature of these standards, and guide world language educators and school districts as they design instructional lessons and local courses of study for learners of all languages and all grade levels.

Financial Literacy

New! Financial Literacy Model Curriculum

At the February 2016 State Board of Education meeting, the Financial Literacy Model Curriculum was approved. Thank you to all who took time to submit ideas and suggestions for the model curriculum!

Financial Literacy Model Curriculum

The Financial Literacy Pearltree contains links and resources for educators teaching this content.

Financial Literacy Graduation Requirements

State law (3313.603 (C)(7) requires integration of economics and financial literacy within one or more social studies classes or another class.

Integrating Technology into the Model Curriculum

Content and skills addressed in the Technology Academic Content Standards will be integrated into the model curricula of the state-board approved academic content standards. This format will support the implementation of the technology standards, help teachers to effectively integrate technology into their content areas and foster learning experiences that develop knowledge and skills that promote information, media and technological literacy.

Contributing Technology Integration Strategies to the Model Curriculum

The C & A Technology Team welcomes your suggestions for technology integration strategies that can be incorporated into the model curriculum. Technology integration is interpreted broadly. Technology integration strategies can involve technology tools and applications, digital resources and the design process.


Physical Education

Physical Education Evaluation 2016 to Present

The State Board of Education originally adopted National Physical Education Standards in December 2007. Moreover Ohio-made benchmarks and indicators were added in June 2009. Recently, the standards, benchmarks, and indicators were updated to reflect changes in the national standards and feedback provided by Ohio teachers. These updated standards were adopted by the State Board of Education on July 14, 2015. Ohio’s Academic Content Standards in Physical Education are made up of five standards:

Ohio Physical Education Standards

  • Standard 1: A physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.
  • Standard 2: A physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.
  • Standard 3: A physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.
  • Standard 4: A physically literate individual exhibits responsible, personal and social behavior that respects self and others.
  • Standard 5: A physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.
For the definition of a physically literate individual click here


Ohio Physical Education Benchmarks and Indicators

The benchmarks and indicators that were adopted in July 2015 within the Physical Education Academic Content Standards, which can be viewed here . 

The PDF file below allows you to view the Physical Education Academic Content Standards in three different layouts: Alignment of Benchmarks and Indicators by Standard; Grade Band Overview by Standard and Organizer; and Alignment of Standards by Grade Band. It also contains introductory sections and a glossary. An instructional commentary and a resource list will be added in the future.

  • Academic Content Standards (coming soon)

Word versions of the Academic Content Standards document appear below as separate files for each particular section of the document. These files are provided for those who wish to copy, paste or edit the content to use in lesson plans or curriculum documents. The content is the same as the full document although there may be some differences in formatting and pagination depending on the word-processing application being used.