District and School Improvement Plans

2016-17 School Improvement Introduction

A Vision for the Future

Our school improvement process is focused on providing a pathway for the Jefferson Area Local Schools to be an excellent school district.  The following is an overview of how that excellence will be expressed and measured. The Jefferson Area Local Schools will be a school district capable of embracing innovative educational strategies that lead to improved results for students, long-term gains in school and school system capacity to meet the needs of our students and community, and increased productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

School District and Building Culture

The school district has made a  commitment to higher achievement for all students regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, limited English proficiency, disability or giftedness. A core belief against which initiatives and actions are judged is that all students can learn and that the school creates the conditions that make this a reality. We embrace the paradigm shift that asserts that our schools’ product is the work that we create for students to do and that they and their parents are consumers of that product.

The district will be characterized by a culture that is consistent with the research completed by the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) and expressed in its Ohio Leadership Development Framework:

Based on this research our district’s culture will allow us to:

-Use collaborative team structures that provide for meaningful engagement of internal and external -community members;
-Use relevant data to identify the greatest district problems and apply effective decision-making at all levels of the system to solve them;
-Develop a single coherent improvement plan with focused goals for achievement and instruction to guide district-wide improvement efforts;
-Promote Board of Education alignment and support to sustain a focus on district goals over time;
-Monitor the degree of implementation of strategies and actions to reach district goals for achievement and instruction; 
-Use resources, including time and personnel, to support district goals for achievement and instruction.

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council is a partnership between the Buckeye Association of School Administrators and the Ohio Department of Education. Our goal is to provide educators - no matter their role - with the structures and resources they need to develop shared and effective leadership at every level.   --- Click Here to Go to OLAC's Web Site

The 2016-17 school year district and school building improvement plans are accessible below.

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