District and School Improvement Planning

2018-19  School Improvement Introduction

The mission of the Jefferson Area Local School District is to provide an appropriate educational program and learning environment which will effectively meet the educational needs of its students and help its students accomplish educational goals.

Our Vision 
To be a k-12 school district that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and for its contribution in actively serving and improving the Jefferson Area Local Schools community. School Improvement

School improvement in the Jefferson Area Local Schools is an ongoing effort to provide an effective education for our students while being responsive to our parents, community and taxpayers. We seek to provide instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.

Staff Engagement August 13 -15

Below you will find downloadable copies of two documents:
1. Our 2018-19 District and School Improvement Plan Draft. Open the document, read it and then take the survey.

Prior to this year's implementation teacher and principal feedback on this draft will be used to complete the plan.

2. Our Five Year (2018-2023) School Improvement Plan Narrative

Our Five Year (2018-2023) School Improvement Plan Narrative provides an overview of how we intend to transform the district. It provides a description of our commitments and defines how we define success. Each year we produce a one year school improvement plan that is focused on defining the goals and strategies to take our district  closer to the outcomes described in our five-year plan narrative. 

Before completing the plan / narrative we need feedback from administrators and teachers to finalize the plan.

Note: As a part of our Federal Title I and Title IV review and under the rules being implemented under ESSA, your reading, understanding and implementing our school improvement plan is critical. The plan's Strategies and action steps then become an integral part of evaluation under OTES and OPES. 

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