Special Education 2018-19

Special Education Presentation 9-10-18


BASED ON 2017-2018 DATA


The Special Education Profile report for 2017-2018.

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA) established a series of special education indicators to measure services and outcomes for children with disabilities. 

Our Profile Report shows our progress in meeting goals for students with disabilities. The design of the Special Education Profile is meant to help districts use data about the academic growth of groups of students to keep improving their special education programs. These indicators have been organized into four essential questions to help guide continuous improvement:

  • 1. Are young children with disabilities entering kindergarten ready to learn?
  • 2. Are children with disabilities achieving at high levels?
  • 3. Are youth with disabilities prepared for life, work, and post-secondary education?
  • 4. Does the district implement IDEA to improve services and results for children with disabilities?

The profile is also designed to inform us of any findings of noncompliance or required activities that must be completed in our district to demonstrate compliance with IDEA.

Using Our Data for Continuous Improvement

Some of the indicators measure procedural compliance with IDEA, while others measure results for students with disabilities.

We use these indicators  when planning  for continuous improvement. 

It is important the Building Leadership Teams and Teacher Based and Content Based Teams review our report and consider and use the data to inform academic, curriculum and differentiation decisions in the classroom especially as it impacts students with special needs. This data is also important in developing site specific implementation plans for PBIS.

This report also iterates the necessity that every teacher across grade levels and content areas know who among their students has a disability. Further, it is critical that teachers understand and implement the interventions prescribed in student IEPs and 504 plans.

Attached is 

2017-2018 Ohio Special Education Annual Rating


Based on 2016-2017 data

Below is a comparison of Our district with the State of Ohio for percentage of students with disabilities and a breakout of what percentage of students fall into each of the disability categories.

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