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Title I

Parents and/or Guardians of  Elementary Students (grades K-6):

As a result of the pandemic and in order to streamline the parent compact process and eliminate the need for paperwork to be sent home and brought back to school, we have moved all of the Parent Compact communications to this online format.

Our Title I teachers and tutors are working with the more than 200 students who elected to Learn @ Home this year. Our classroom teachers and Intervention Specialists provide extra help in the areas of reading for students attending school in person who demonstrate a need for help based on classroom assessments, observations AimsWeb* and teacher referrals.  Students who are off -track in grades K-3 for reading also my have a Reading Improvement Plan as a part of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. 

Our Title I  program is a School-wide Program.  This means that all students at Jefferson Elementary and Rock Creek are considered Title I students.  That does not mean that all students will receive extra help; however, it gives us more flexibility in helping all the students if and when he/she may need help.  Our staff will still identify the students most in need of help and they will be our priority, but any student may receive an extra boost, if needed.

Each student and their parent/guardian at Jefferson Elementary and Rock Creek Elementary School is required to sign a School/Parent Compact.  This document will be kept on file by your student’s classroom teacher.  The purpose of this document is to insure that the school, parent/guardian and student all have an active role in the student’s education.

Rather than sending home and then collecting a paper copy of the compact, we are providing it electronically.

Please take a few minutes to read our 2020-21 compact, check all or any of the areas you feel comfortable doing at home with your child, and then add your name and the date on the form.

You can access the compact here: 

Parent Compact 2020-21

If you have any questions about this document, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.  Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. There is a Title I page on our district's website that has additional information. There is also resources for parents that can be accessed or downloaded below.