Superintendent's Page

On behalf of the Jefferson Board of Education and our students and staff, I want to thank our voters for passing our renewal levy on Election Day. The renewal of this levy did not increase taxes and allowed for the continuation of our school district’s current revenue stream.

The continued support of our school district by our community is greatly appreciated.  We realize that as a school district we must earn our community’s support through our performance and by being responsive to our residents.   We pledge to continue to live within our means and to emphasize fiscal responsibility in our operations.

It is once again the time of year where our weather becomes unpredictable. If the Jefferson Schools are closed due to snow or power issues, we will continue to make robo-calls, send emails and notification of regional media to communicate our status. We will call school off as early as possible recognizing that sometimes the weather conditions change suddenly.

Mr. John Montanaro, Superintendent
121 S Poplar Street
Jefferson, Ohio 44047
(440) 576-9180
(440) 576-9876 (fax)
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