Guidance & Student Services

Mission Statement

The Jefferson Area Local Junior and Senior High School's Guidance and Student Services Program is designed to contribute to our students' educational, personal, and career success by providing comprehensive services to all students. We strive to address the unique needs of individual students while encouraging them to develop respect for others, a strong sense of self, and to become mature, responsible decision makers.

Guidance Contact Information

High School (9-12) Counselor:
Mrs. Lisa Paul
(440) 576-4731

Junior High School (7-8) Counselor:
Mrs. Michele Brown 
(440) 576-1736

Student Services Contact Information

Special Education Supervisor
Ms. Ginger Blabolil
(440) 576-4731

Junior/Senior High Librarian
Mr. Terry Furman
(440) 576-4731

Speech/Language Pathologist
Mrs. Dona Borsukoff
(440) 576-2646

School Psychologist
Mrs. Shaunna Chiacchiero
(440) 576-1736

Home/School Services & Attendance Officer
Mrs. Janie Gildersleeve
(440) 576-4731