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Hall of Fame

Alumni Hall of Fame 

Each year in September, at the JAHS Homecoming Football Game, the Jefferson Area Education Foundation presents a plaque to the selected "Alumni Hall of Fame" former graduate.

This year's Homecoming game is September 14, 2018.

The absolute deadline for nominating Jefferson Area graduates for this honor will be August 29, 2018.   If mailed, the application for nomination must be postmarked by this date in order to be eligible.   Nominations may also be e-mailed to the address listed in this announcement.

The information needed to nominate a former graduate is as follows:  Name, complete address, phone number, and year of graduation for the nominee.

It would be helpful if the person making the nomination would also include their name, address, and phone number in case the selection committee would need to contact the nominator for more information.   However, the Hall of Fame Nomination can certainly be made anonymously.   In all cases please include an explanation of why you believe this nominated person is deserving of this award.  Perhaps the nominee has contributed significantly to their profession, their school, or their community.   How are they a positive role model for present or future students?

Please send the nominations to Jefferson Area Education Foundation, c/o Pat Inman, JALS Board of Education, 121 S. Poplar Street, Jefferson, Ohio 44047 or e-mail to

Each year new nominations are taken. Therefore, if you previously nominated someone and they were not selected, please nominate them again.

The award was created in 1996 by the Jefferson Area Education Foundation. The person selected receives a plaque and their name is added to a collective plaque which will be on display in the JALSD Board of Education Office.

                         JALS ALUMNI HALL OF FAME:


                                1996 -  Stewart Case (Class of 1944)

                                1997 -  Millie (Valentine) Stutzman (Class of 1944)

                                1998 -  John Glazier (Class of 1949)

                                1999 -  Lanny Anderson (Class of 1959)

                                2000 -  Herbert Housel (Class of 1953)

                                2001 -  Betty Mae (Jones) Shear (Class of 1945)

                                2002 -  Larry and Carol (Stutzman) Bragga (Class of 1963)

                                2003 -  Dr. Richard L. Waters (Class of 1951)

                                2004 -  James Martin (Class of 1944)

                                2005 -  Pat (Bragga) Inman (Class of 1959)

                                2006 -  Mary (Ecko) Hostetler (Class of 1973)

                                2007 -  Marcia (Takacs) Park (Class of 1978)

                                2008 -  Dave Keep (Class of 1971) 

                                2009 -  Jim Baker (Class of 1977)

                                2010 -  Dr. John R. Patterson (Class of 1974)

                                2011 -  Joseph Paul (Class of 1980)

                                2012 -  Martin Cole (Class of 1971)

                                    2013 -  Charles Borsukoff (Class of 1964)

                                2014 -  Joanne and Frederick "Fritz" Martin (Class of 1952 and 2014)

                                    2015 -  Jaime Hofstetter Marrison (in memoriam) (Class of 1989)

                                2016 -  Jay Bauwin and Larry Fink (in memoriam) (Class of 1971 and 1960)

                                    2017 -  Timothy Blon (Class of 1980)

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