Class of 1961

Dear Classmates,

This year marks the 55th anniversary of our graduation from Jefferson High School. Five years
ago when we celebrated our 50th, we had a wonderful time together and those memories are
especially poignant now, since we have lost three of our dear friends and ever faithful reunion
attendees, Jackie (Washburn) Hillyer, Butch Ollila and Duane Butler. We will honor them and
other classmates we have lost since graduation at our reunion this summer.

To celebrate this year’s reunion, we will be getting together on three dates; reception on Friday,
July 22nd at Spring Hill Winery, 6062 South Ridge Road, Geneva; reunion dinner on Saturday,
July 23rd at Grand River Cellars Winery, 5750 South Madison Road, Madison, OH; and break-
fast on Sunday, July 24th at Scribblers Coffee Company, 388 South Broadway, Geneva.

Please click the link below for more details.