Lyrics (Alma Mater & School Song)

Lyrics (Alma Mater)

Hail Jefferson our high school, our Alma Mater dear.

Our hears will e'er be loyal, they name ring loud and clear.

So let us pledge together, and faithful ever be

to our dear Alma Mater, hail Jefferson to thee!

Lyrics (School Song)

Let’s give a rah for Jefferson High School, and let us pledge her anew.

We will cheer her on to vic’try for the good of our old school.

And let our troubles be forgotten and our high school spirits rule.

We’ll join and give a loyal effort for the good of our old school.

It’s Jefferson High School, it’s Jefferson High, the pride of ev’rybody here.

Come on you old grads. Come join us young lads it’s Jefferson High School now we cheer. RAH! RAH!

Now is the time, boys to make a big noise no matter what the people say.

For there is none to fear, the gang’s all here so hail Jefferson High School. Hail! HEY!