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JES PTO Volunteer Info

Below you will find a brief description of each committee and project Jefferson PTO is involved in to give you a better understanding of what we need AND how you are able to become involved! Thank you for your support of the Jefferson PTO. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Homeroom Parent Helper/Lead Homeroom Parent: Works throughout school year with student’s homeroom teacher. Activities may include copying papers, reading with students, preparing crafts or games and organizing classroom parties (Christmas/Valentines/End-of-year).

Santa Shop: Event is one-week during December: involves set-up of tables, decorations and merchandise for students to shop for family & friends, volunteering to “assist” students with shopping, donating cookies, calling for volunteers and clean-up at end of event.

Box Tops: This committee needs assistance in planning Box Tops collections and contests/rewards; involves collect Box Tops from community and each classroom, sorting/clipping/organizing Box Tops as well as mailing and receiving the checks for Jefferson Elementary School.

Kindergarten Registration: Two-day event in April that includes calling for volunteers, welcoming parents and future students, signing in and assisting with forms/registration process as needed.

Teacher/Staff Appreciation: Teacher appreciation is in May. This involves planning/coordinating/organizing a luncheon for teachers and staff along with working on invitations, menu, supplies, setting-up and cleaning of event.

Fundraisers: On-going committee throughout school year. All ideas and suggestions are welcome! Items in the past have included Spirit Wear (Falcon clothing)---Basket Raffles (donated items from community with chances to win)—and pepperoni rolls. PTO has generally tried to organize 2-3 fundraising events per school year.

Public Relations: This committee would work on monthly PTO newsletter that is distributed to every JES student, assist with articles/pictures in Gazette newspaper, and any other ideas to keep our community aware of activities at Jefferson Elementary.

Right-To-Read: Week-long event to encourage and challenge students to increase their daily reading. Includes activities such as: setting “theme” for event, planning and organizing activities, rewards, prizes, setting up possible visit from authors or organizing school assemblies/presentations.

Book Fair: Book fairs occur three times a school year. They are week-long events that consist of need to call volunteers, assist students with purchases, setting-up and cleaning after event.

Teacher Conference Dinner: Two times a school year during Parent/Teacher Conferences (Oct & Feb) PTO plans/organizes dinner for teachers and staff. This committee would include planning menu, calling for volunteers, donations of food, along with setting-up and cleaning after event.

General Support: “I’ll help with anything, just ask me”. We need any and all help to make PTO the best organization for our school and students. Even if you work full-time, please don’t hesitate to check this box. We never turn done ANY volunteer! THANK YOU.