2020/2021 Opening Newsletter

Dear Jefferson Elementary School Families:

Welcome to the 2020-20221 school year! This letter is for families that have decided to attend school in-person this year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic this will be a school year unlike any we have experienced before. Jefferson Elementary is committed to making this a safe and successful school year. However, if you are uncomfortable attending school in person this year, you can still take advantage of our online schooling option. (All online students may use a school provided Chromebook, if needed)  You can register students by following the link on the district website at: JASLD.org.  If you have questions about online learning, please check the Learning At Home page on our website.

This packet includes important information you and your child need to know in order to begin the school year for in-person classes. Because of COVID-19, we have changed many procedures and routines. 

Due to the many changes taking place this year, we may be communicating through Robocalls more frequently. If you have changed your phone number since last year, please call the school office, 576-2646, so we can update our Robocall list. 

Our teachers and support staff have been working very hard throughout the summer to get our buildings ready for the return of our students.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our students soon.

Thank you for your cooperation as we establish new routines to help keep our community healthy and safe, and our school running smoothly. 


Tara Reed, Principal

Jefferson Elementary School 

The opening of school has been adjusted to assist with implementing new school procedures.

Thursday, August 20th & Friday, August 21st 

Students in grades 1,3,and 5 attend school.

 Appointments for kindergarten parent / student to complete testing

Monday, August 24th and Tuesday, August 25th 

Students in grades 2,4, and 6 attend school 

Appointments for kindergarten parent / student to complete testing

Wednesday, August 26th 

All Students in Grades 1 - 6 begin attending full time

Appointments for kindergarten parent / student to complete testing

Thursday, August 27th 

Kindergarten students begin attending full time

Car Rider/Walkers Details - Drop-off/Pick-up

  • No early drop offs.  Students will not be permitted to leave the car until 9:10. 

  • Parents will not be permitted to walk their children to class.  This includes Kindergarten parents.

  • If a student must be picked up during the school day, parents must provide the classroom teacher with a note detailing pick-up time, so that students can be sent or accompanied to parent upon arrival.  

  • Any changes in Pick-Up need to be communicated in a note to the teacher.

  • Whenever possible, parents will remain outside or in the vestibule while waiting for their child.  There will be no office pick ups within 30 minutes of the end of the school day (3:00pm).

  • Only parents/guardians and those listed on the emergency contact list will be permitted to pick up the student

  • Students who leave for an appointment during the school day may not return to school until the next school day.

Student Drop-Off (Car Rider/Walkers) Procedure

  • Enter the parking lot, please do not park in parking spaces.

  • Pull up to the cone along the curb creating a single file line.

  • Students must exit the vehicle on curbside.

  • Students may only exit when their car is between the cones (the drop-off/pick-up zone).

  • Parents please remain in the vehicle for drop off.

  • Students enter the building through the main door.

  • Students who are buying breakfast report to the caNo feteria to pick up their breakfast bag, then take it to their classroom to eat.

  • All students will have their temperatures taken at the school. 

Drop-Off Schedule

9:10 Families with the last names A-H

9:20 Families with the last name I-P

9:30 Families with the last name Q-Z 9:40 Tardy Bell

Student Pick-Up (Car Rider/Walkers) Procedure

We will be using the PikMyKid system for dismissal this year.PikMyKid is a safe dismissal software solution for school districts. It connects schools, teachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and more efficient. Due to high demand there is a delay in getting it running.  We will notify you by Robocall and send home instructions when it is operational.  

In the meantime, please follow these procedures:

 For the first few weeks of school, please display the first and last name of your child in your car windshield on a large piece of paper. Students will be dismissed by grade-level of the youngest child. (Ex:  If you have a 1st and 6th grader they will be dismissed at 3:00.  If you have a 4th and 5th grader they are dismissed at 3:15). 

  • Display your child’s first and last name card in your car window.

  • Enter the parking lot and wait in the car line, do not park.

  • A staff member will check you in.

  • Pull up to the cone, along the curb creating a single file line.

  • Follow the car in front of you.

  • The curb is the “Pick-Up Zone”.

  • Once you are in the pick-up zone, stand next to your car.

  • Your child will meet you at your car along the sidewalk.

  • Load quickly.

  • Wait for the car line to be released.

  • Do not pull around stopped cars unless directed to do so.

Parent Pick-Up Schedule

3:00 Grade K-3 (and older siblings)

3:15 Grades 4-6

Dismiss by grade level of the youngest child.

Pick-Up Zone Locations:

Kindergarten and siblings - pick up in the back parking lot by Kindergarten classrooms.

Grade 1 - 6 - pick up in the front parking lot.

Reminder: Dismissal time will be by grade level of the youngest child.

*Thank you for your cooperation as we establish new routines to help keep our community healthy and safe, and our school running smoothly!

Bus Rider Details

  • There will be no bus changes or bus passes this year.

  • Students must have a face mask to be permitted on the bus.

  • Seating will be assigned and riders from the same family will be seated together.

  • Upon arrival at school students will be immediately dismissed to their classroom.

  • Bus ride may be longer than usual because students will be picked up and dropped off at their house.

  • If students are not following bus rules they may lose their bus privileges.  This includes safety precautions such as mask wearing and staying in their assigned seat.

  • Bus dismissal will occur after parent pick-up.  Busses will arrive at school between 3:30-3:45.


Students will only be allowed to purchase items through our cafeteria if their account has a positive balance.  There will be no cash transactions.   Please use Payforit.net on our website or send a check to load accounts.


  • Breakfast will be “grab and go” from the cafeteria and eaten in classrooms.

  • Paid lunches will be from a student account only. No cash transactions will take place in the cafeteria.

  • No birthday treats will be permitted this year.  

  • There is no sharing of food.


  • Lunch will be served to the students at their seats

  • There will be assigned seats for lunch to promote social distancing with all students in the cafeteria and gym.

  • Students stay in assigned seats for the duration of lunch.

  • At the end of lunch, trash containers will be wheeled to students to discard their trash to minimize students walking to and from trash can areas. 


  • Frequent hand washing is a key strategy to the prevention of the spread and becoming infected with Covid 19. 

  • Staff and students will be expected to regularly wash or sanitize their hands.

  • Students will be instructed to either wash hands or use sanitizer upon entry to the classroom, before and after recess, before and after eating, and following restroom breaks.

Masks (note: On Saturday, August 8, 2020, The Jefferson Board of Education met and adopted the Governor’s mandate to require masks for students(K-12), teachers, staff, and visitors when in attendance at our school buildings. This mandate will be revisited by the Board of Education when the Governor alters or ends the mandate.

  • Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff are required to wear masks except when they are in an office or room alone.

  • All students K-6 are required to wear a mask throughout the school day.


  • All students will have their temperatures taken at school via Thermal Temperature Screening Kiosks.


  • All visitors are required to wear a mask before entering our school building. 

  • There will be no parent / grandparent lunch visits this year.

  • There will be no visitors permitted in the school beyond the main office.

  • All required meetings will take place via teleconference / phone, when possible. 


  • Drinking fountains will not be available for use.

  • All students are encouraged to bring their own water bottle to school.

  • Students will be allowed to have access to their water bottles throughout the day.

  • We will limit the number of students in the restroom at any one time. 

  • Frequent disinfecting of restrooms will take place.

Nurse’s Clinic

  • The clinic will be disinfected frequently.

  • If you are contacted by the nurse to pick up your child due to illness, please do so within 30 minutes.

Main Office

  • Students who leave for an appointment during the day may not return to school until the next day.

  • One parent at a time in the office.

  • All visitors must wear a mask before entering.

  • Parents waiting to enter the office will wait in the vestibule or outside.

Classroom/Instructional Materials

  • Student desks will be socially distanced.

  • Students will have a Chromebook assigned to them. There is no sharing of electronic devices in the classroom.

  • Please remember to bring your chromebook and charger on the first day of school.

  • Students in grades 4-6 will take their chromebook home each night.

PBIS/Social Emotional

  • We will continue PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports)

  • Focus on teaching about social distancing, mask wearing, handwashing, and personal responsibility to follow COVID-19 guidelines in a positive manner. 

  • Counselors/Teachers will monitor students' social emotional health and address their needs continuously throughout the day.

  • Teachers will teach all new social distancing and safety protocols in the first week of school with PBIS lessons.  They will reteach and remind students weekly.


  • Staff and Students attendance numbers will be shared with the Ashtabula County Health Department daily. They will monitor attendance and investigate if our absence rate for staff or students grows or substantially increases to make sure that there has not been any cases of Covid-19.