Book Club at RCE ! Oct. 9 (5th and 6th), Oct.15 (3rd-4th)

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On Thursday, October 15th, there will be a special after school Roadrunner Book Club for 3rd-4th Graders ONLY!!


No pre-reading is necessary for this meeting!! We will be reading together the picture books that were nominated for the Buckeye Children’s Book Award and then VOTING online for our favorite!! Permission slips we be sent home in October, so save the date!!

Special October 9th Book Club for 5th and 6th Graders Only!!

We are presently Book Blogging with other students in Canton, OH who are also reading the book at the same time!!!  

(This is kind of like having an electronic pen pal.  All exchanges between students are monitored and screened by teachers.)

We are reading and discussing: The Fourteenth Goldfish

This is a hysterical and fun book about a grandfather who discovers formula to turn himself back into a teenager.  He ends up going to school with his teen-aged granddaughter, but still dresses like an old man. He thinks he’s found the cure to aging and teaches her to appreciate science.

We'll get together with all the RCE students who are reading the book on October 9th after school to do a final discussion and some activities related to the book.

What is Book Club All About?

Mrs. Sly is leading a book club for upper elementary students based on the books that have been nominated to win the annual Buckeye Children’s Book Award! This is a GREAT way to promote reading quality literature for students!!  When you come you should have already read the book, be ready to talk about it, and ready for fun! (see below for details and a permission slip)

The Buckeye Children’s and Teen Book Award program is designed to encourage students in Ohio to read literature critically, to promote teacher and librarian involvement in young adult literature programs, and to commend authors of such literature. It was founded in 1981. Each year, students from around Ohio nominate their favorite newly published (in the last two years) books. The top five nominees are then announced for each category in April. Students are then able to vote for their favorite book from September 1 – November 10th. The categories are K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, but it does not matter what grade you are in to vote. 

    Depending on the book we will be reading, different grade levels will be invited to participate. Our Rock Creek Book Club (RCBC) will be hosted after school from 3:45 – 5:00 pm on select days (we’re aiming for 1x/month) so your child will need to be picked up at that time if they attend. 
    It will be a lot of fun and we will have discussion, an activity, and a snack related to the book. BUT, you have to prove you’ve read the book, (or listened to the book if you are reading it at home with family) in order to attend! How do you provide “Book Proof?” There are plenty of options!
- - Take a multiple choice quiz from Mrs. Sly and score 7/10 or better
- - Complete a story web about the plot or characters (Mrs. Sly will provide upon request.)
- - Write 3 journal entries (beginning, middle, end) as if you were a character from the book recounting what was going on.
- - Dress up like a character from the book and have a conversation with Mrs. Sly as is if you were that character!
- - Create a diorama in a shoe box of a scene from the book.
- - Create a drawing/painting of 3 scenes of your choice from the book.
- - Create your own 10 question quiz (with answers) from throughout the book.
- …come up with a better idea? Let me know!
BOOK PROOF will have to be presented by the day BEFORE Book Club, along with a permission slip signed by a parent/guardian stating that is okay for you to attend and that they will arrange transportation for you to get home. (See attached permission form.)

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