The mission of the Jefferson Area Local School District is to provide an appropriate educational program and learning environment which will effectively meet the educational needs of its students and help its students accomplish educational goals.

Educational Philosophy

We strongly believe and continuously act to carry out the highest quality of education that is possible to meet the interests, desires, and needs of each individual student of the District. It is our constant goal to provide programs and instruction for and to each student of the District that will enable the student to attain his/her highest level of ability and achieve these concepts to ensure vocational competence, educational advancement, avocational diversity, and development and participation as a good citizen in our total society.

Educational Goals

As a base for assessing school needs and setting objectives for the educational program, the Board of Education adopts the following educational outcome goals. Every student in this District will be encouraged to:

  • Acquire basic skills in obtaining and processing information, solving problems, thinking critically, and communicating effectively;

  • Acquire a stock of basic information concerning the principles of the physical, biological, and social sciences; the historical record of human achievements and failures; and current social issues;

  • Become an effective and responsible contributor to the decision-making processes of the political and other institutions of the community, state, country, and world;

  • Acquire the knowledge, skills, and understanding that permit him/her to play a satisfying and responsible role as both producer and consumer;

  • Acquire job entry level skills and to acquire knowledge necessary for further education;

  • Acquire the understanding of and the ability to form responsible relations with a wide range of other people, including but not limited to those with social and cultural characteristics different from his/her own;

  • Acquire the capacities for playing satisfying and responsible roles in family life;

  • Acquire the ability and the desire to express himself/herself creatively in one (1) or more of the arts and to appreciate the aesthetic expressions of other people;

  • Acquire an understanding of ethical principles and values and the ability to apply them to his/her own life;

  • Develop an understanding of his/her own worth, abilities, potentialities, and limitations;

  • Learn to enjoy the process of learning and to acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning and adaptation to change.