Welcome to the Internet home of the Jefferson Area Local School District. We serve students from various parts of Ashtabula County, Ohio. The district encompasses nearly 130 square miles and serves students from the villages of Jefferson, Rock Creek, and Roaming Shores, plus students from Austinburg, Denmark, Dorset, Jefferson, Lenox, Morgan, New Lyme Plymouth, Rome, Sheffield, Trumbull, townships.

7/16/19 6:00 PM - Jr./Sr. High School Library
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Door Barricade Sponsors Total: $10,302.15
Name Sponsorship Level
Jefferson Primary Care School Safety Sentinel
J.R. Hofstetter, "The Family Jeweler" Grade Level Guardian
The Borsukoff Family Grade Level Guardian
Jefferson United Methodist Church Classroom Champion
Venture Land Title Agency Classroom Champion
Life's A Mesh Wreaths Classroom Champion
Feckanin Group LLC Classroom Champion
Phil & Carrie Pawlowski Classroom Champion
Janie Gildersleeve Classroom Champion
The Brand Family Classroom Champion
Tracey Housel Classroom Champion
Jennifer & Lynn Padgett Classroom Champion
Fleming Lawn Care Classroom Champion
Larry & Alberta Meloro Classroom Champion
Tom & Gretchen Fleming Classroom Champion
The Hoyson Family Classroom Champion
Jason & Kristen Ashba Classroom Champion
Patricia Inman Classroom Champion
Huber Family Classroom Champion
Matt & Danielle Anderson Classroom Champion
Jim, Debbie & Evan Valtman Classroom Champion
John Montanaro Classroom Champion
Marlene Laidley Classroom Champion
Chad, Valerie, Evan & Layla Heil Classroom Champion
Alexander Family & Michael Barney Classroom Champion
Brooke Pawlowski Classroom Champion
Cole Pawlowski Classroom Champion
John Sr. & Allie O'Neill Classroom Champion
Louie Mongenel Classroom Champion
Pentecostal Community Church Classroom Champion
Jennifer Square Classroom Champion
Mason Pawlowski Classroom Champion
Pentecostal Community Church Classroom Champion
Christie Pinney Classroom Champion
The Hewletts Classroom Champion
Anonymous Door Sponsor
Cheryl & Eric Hunt Door Sponsor
Doug & Julie Fleck Door Sponsor
Jefferson Diner Door Sponsor
KeyBank Door Sponsor
Sara Gantz Door Sponsor
Vickie Taylor Door Sponsor
Ziegler Heating Co., Mike & Lori Volpone Door Sponsor
George & Ronni Matrisciano Door Sponsor
Janet Barnett Door Sponsor
Kirk Lambert Door Sponsor
Barbara Hale Door Sponsor
Davy & Elizabeth Canter Door Sponsor
Garry & Amber Butte Jr. Door Sponsor
Abby Feick Door Sponsor
Dan & Kim Hines Door Sponsor
Ed & Shannon Markley Door Sponsor
Jennifer Becker Door Sponsor
Shannon Williams Door Sponsor
Chris Lazanis Door Sponsor
Craig & Brandy Orem Door Sponsor
Matt & Cathie VanCise Door Sponsor
Tyler Matrisciano Door Sponsor
Mike Shaffer Door Sponsor
Patricia & Bryon Russell-Oliver Door Sponsor
Payten Bordeaux Door Sponsor
Sandra Mann Door Sponsor
Tatum Bordeaux Door Sponsor
Daniel Contenza Door Sponsor
Amber Agnew Door Sponsor
Erin & Mikah Valenti Door Sponsor
Haper Franklin Door Sponsor
Jennifer Prusinski Door Sponsor
Kennedy Franklin Door Sponsor
Mitch & Tia Spronz Door Sponsor
Nicole & Chad Gerhart Door Sponsor
Riley Franklin Door Sponsor
Rita Winchell Door Sponsor
Morgan Franklin Door Sponsor
Ashley & Paul Dennis Door Sponsor
Aaron, Brittany & Kennidie Rogers Door Sponsor
Ava Sawyer Door Sponsor
Baylee Oskin Door Sponsor
Shannon Kidd Door Sponsor
Mark Pickard,
Aug 20, 2018, 7:05 AM