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Greetings Jefferson Elementary parents, teachers and families! We are delighted to have you visit the online home of the Jefferson Elementary PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). If you have a child or loved one who attends our school, congratulations, you are part of the PTO!

We are looking forward to another great school year! For those of you not familiar with PTO, we are a voluntary organization bringing together parents, teachers and administrators of students. PTO builds parental involvement at school and leads various activities relating to the welfare of the school. The PTO is not an organization that exists solely to raise money; however, we do have fundraisers that are used to better the educational experience for our children (santa shop, spirit wear, box tops, etc.). We do this by raising extra funds not available in the school budget to buy additional materials for the classrooms and the school.

We meet once a month for about an hour to discuss ideas, plans and activities. The meetings are open to all parents and teachers and we would like to encourage and welcome you to attend and participate. We are always looking for additional parents and new ideas! The more volunteers we have the better we can organize and plan activities to benefit our students. Keep in mind that by volunteering, you will get to enjoy interacting with the kids, become friends with other parents, and accomplish things that truly make a difference. Whether you have 30 minutes or a couple of hours, your ideas, your time and your talents are truly needed. We can match your time constraints and interests to needed tasks. We have many ways in which Moms, Dads, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents can contribute. Please consider volunteering; it really does make a difference in the lives of our children.

If you have any questions about the PTO in general or about committees, please feel free to contact any of the board members listed below.
What Is The JES PTO?

JES = Jefferson Elementary School

PTO = Parent Teacher Organization
  • We are a group of unpaid volunteers who try to help out in any way we can for the benefit of our children’s well being and education. Here are some of the following things that are produced by our PTO:
  • Beautification of the School (bulletin boards, posters, hallway decor)
  • Book Fairs (reading education) 
  • Box Tops Contests (free money for the school to benefit the students)
  • Chinese Auction (smiles for your kids)
  • Family Movie Night (more smiles... a safe get together)
  • Kindergarten Registration & Orientation
  • Meet & Greet (helping out VIP volunteers & teachers)
  • Right To Read Presentations (reading education)
  • Santa Shop (fun for kids; takes some of the load off of holiday shopping)
  • Spirit Wear (school spirit....take pride in YOUR school)
  • The Falcon Flyer (informative for parents) 
These things can only be kept going if new volunteers become part of the PTO. After your child moves on to 7th grade, you are no longer permitted to be a PTO officer so new faces are needed every year! Please help us to keep these programs going and thank you for your continuing support!

Parent volunteers are crucial to the success of Jefferson Elementary. Jefferson Elementary is proud of, and grateful, to all of our parent volunteers. Everyone is welcome to volunteer their time, services or talents. See the tab "PTO Volunteer Information" for details of the different committees and projects.

We eagerly anticipate seeing you and working with you at our many events throughout the year. Getting involved in the PTO is an easy and fun way to get to know the school and to form relationships with other parents you may not otherwise meet -- not to mention it is a great way to give back to our wonderful school! The success our PTO has enjoyed over the years is the direct result of the volunteers who have given so freely of their time and their talents. We hope to be able to continue to build on past successes and to create new partnerships, fundraising events and educational opportunities.
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See the Fundraiser Page for details.

Board Contacts
  • President: Patty Ketola
  • 1st Vice President: Susi Dreis
  • 2nd Vice President:  Kim Jackson
  • Secretary:  Cheryl Hunt
  • Treasurer:  Chris Ketola
P.T.O. (Parent - Teacher Organization) was created to build a cooperative relationship between the school faculty and the parents to continually improve the school environment and provide the students with an enriching learning experience.

This website has been prepared solely by volunteers of the JES PTO; neither PTO, school nor school district funds have been used to prepare it. Any advertisements or content appearing on this site should not be understood to reflect sponsorship or endorsement of the message or advertiser by the school or by the school district.

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