The Bruce A. Loomis Enrichment Fund

Through the Bruce A. Loomis Enrichment Fund, Jefferson High School can now offer financial aid to students who seek to expand their horizons by taking courses during the summer in math, science and the arts. 

It is important that college bound high school students explore their personal college and career interests prior to making a final choice about their college, university or career placement. 

This fund has been created by Bruce A. Loomis to assist college bound high school students take advantage of academic or artistic experiences during the summer. 

Students should look for experiences and programs that:

Summer Enrichment Programs have different application deadlines.

Students should explore programs that are of high quality and provide an extended residential experience. You can consult our high school Librarian Mr. T.J. Furman to help you begin program research.

Evidence of acceptance is required before there can be any financial consideration by The Bruce A. Loomis Enrichment Fund.

Consult Guidance Counselor Ms. Lisa Newhart or Principal Mr. Huber for more information.