Falcon Logos

When creating documents or artwork that incorporate our falcon logo we ask that for consistency's sake you choose from any of the colors and logos listed below.

Our colors are:

  • Red: #990000

  • Black: #000000

  • Gray: #D2D2D2

Although we have not received direct written permission to use the falcon logo that belongs to the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL we have been advised that the NFL is OK with high schools using their logos: An article in the November 5, 2010 issue of Sports Litigation Alert, an online sports-law journal quotes NFL league spokesman Brian McCarthy: “We think it’s great if a local team wants to use a logo of an NFL team.” And in a June 4, 2009 article in The Times-Picayune of New Orleans writer Jenny Hurwitz notes that McCarthy said his organization is "deeply committed" to supporting youth football and does not have a problem with high school programs adopting and using NFL team logos. "We simply ask that the schools do not alter or change the color of the logos, " he said. The organization also asks high schools not to sell merchandise in a manner that would lead fans to believe it is officially licensed by the NFL or the team, he said.