Title I Information


Annually, teachers send home with students the Title I Parent Compact. Each student and their parent/guardian in grades K-6 is required to sign a School/Parent Compact.  This document will be kept on file by your student’s classroom teacher.  The purpose of this document is to insure that the school, parent/guardian and student all have an active role in the student’s education.

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Students who have Title Services will receive additional reading and literacy support. Students with an IEP also work with their Intervention Teacher.  Students who have a Reading Improvement Plan (RIMP) receive additional support and assessment 


As a Title I school we are required to notify every parent that they may at any time request from the principal information regarding the professional qualifications of their  student’s classroom teachers. 

We are required to and will provide you a notice in a timely manner if for some unforeseen reason your child ever is assigned to be taught by, for four or more consecutive weeks, a teacher who is not properly licensed under Federal guidelines.


Parents involvement continues through PTO, and zoom conferences with teachers. The parent Compact provides parents an overview of our schoolwide Title I program for grades K-6. Also included is information about helping students at home.

We annually review our Parent Involvement Policy. Click Here

Here is a link to a form on which any parent can provide input for the revision of our Parent Involvement Policy. We welcome suggestion on how we can better serve parents and their children. Click Here to Comment / Provide Feedback

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Annual Public Notice to Students and Parents  


The JALSD will make available, upon request, certain information known as directory information. The Board designates as student directory information: 

School-assigned e-mail accounts shall not be released as directory information beyond this/these limited purpose(s) and to any person or entity but the specific online educational service provider.

Directory information shall not be provided to any organization for profit-making purposes.

Parents and eligible students may refuse to allow the Board to disclose any or all of such directory information upon written notification to the Board within ten (10) days after receipt of the Superintendent's annual public notice.

Recruiting Officer for any branch of the United States Armed Forces or an Institution of Higher Education 

In accordance with Federal and State law, the Board shall release the names, addresses, District-assigned e-mail addresses (if available), and telephone listings of secondary students to a recruiting officer for any branch of the United States Armed Forces or an institution of higher education who requests such information. A secondary school student or parent of the student may request in writing that the student's name, address, District-assigned e-mail address (if available), and telephone listing not be released without prior consent of the parent(s)/eligible student. The recruiting officer is to sign a form indicating that any information received by the recruiting officer shall be used solely for the purpose of informing students about military service and shall not be released to any person other than individuals within the recruiting services of the Armed Forces. The Superintendent is authorized to charge mailing fees for providing this information to a recruiting officer.


Whenever consent of the parent(s)/eligible student is required for the inspection and/or release of a student's health or education records or for the release of directory information, either parent may provide such consent unless agreed to otherwise in writing by both parents or specifically stated by court order. If the student is under the guardianship of an institution, the Superintendent shall appoint a person who has no conflicting interest to provide such written consent.


The Board may disclose directory information, on former students without student or parental consent, unless the parent or eligible student previously submitted a request that such information not be disclosed without their prior written consent.


The Board shall not permit the collection, disclosure, or use of personal information collected from students for the purpose of marketing or for selling that information (or otherwise providing that information to others for that purpose).

Title I is a federally-funded program that offers assistance to students in the area of Reading and/or math. Parents in all Title I buildings may at any time request information regarding the professional qualifications of the student's classroom teachers, including the following:

Student Eligibility

Rock Creek and Jefferson Elementary School both have a school-wide program. This means that every student at both schools is eligible to receive Title I services. Students who are identified as at risk through teacher referrals and Ohio Achievement Tests will be served by a Title I teacher. School-wide status gives us flexibility in helping other students as well.


The Board of Education believes that durable and significant learning by a student is more likely to occur when there is an effective partnership between the school and the student's parents. Such a partnership means a mutual belief in and commitment to significant educational goals for a student, a collaboration on the means for accomplishing those goals, cooperation on developing and implementing solutions to problems that may be encountered, and continuing communication regarding the progress in accomplishing the goals.

The Superintendent shall implement administrative guidelines by which a school-parent partnership can be established and maintained throughout the student's career in the District. Such guidelines should encompass parent participation, through meetings and other forms of communication, in:

Relations with Parents

The Board feels that it is the parents who have the ultimate responsibility for their children's behavior, including the behavior of students who have reached the legal age of majority, but are still, for all practical purposes, under parental authority. During school hours, the Board, through its designated administrators, recognizes the responsibility to monitor students' behavior and, as with academic matters, the importance of cooperation between the school and the parents in matters relating to conduct.

For the benefit of the child, the Board believes that parents have a responsibility to encourage their child's career in school by:

Parent Compact

This agreement between the parent(s), the school, and the student must be on file for every student at Jefferson and Rock Creek Elementary School. When you receive yours from the regular classroom teacher, please return it quickly and you will receive a copy to keep for your files. We appreciate your cooperation with the compacts!!

How We Serve Students


Students in elementary school receive instruction as per our district's literacy plan. The method of instruction depends on the student's grade level, needs, the skill being practiced, and a their reading improvement pan if they have one..

How We Gather Input To Guide The Title One Program

The Title I program gathers input from teachers, students and parents through annual surveys. In addition, parents annually receive a Title I compact and program introduction letter. The purpose of the school-parent compact is to build and foster the development of a school-parent partnership to help all children achieve the State's high standards. Responsibility for improved student achievement will be shared by parents, students, and teachers.