Dyslexia Guidebook

On January 9, 2021, Governor Mike DeWine signed a set of laws strengthening dyslexia supports for Ohio’s children. The new dyslexia support laws establish dyslexia screening measures (ORC 3323.251), professional development for identifying dyslexia and instructing students with dyslexia (ORC 3319.077), a structured literacy certification process for teachers (ORC 3319.078) and the Ohio Dyslexia Committee (ORC 3323.25). The following is a summary of the new set of laws that impacts school districts:

In response to Ohio's Dyslexia law and policies the Jefferson Area Local Schools established a Multidisciplinary Team to develop and guide the implementation of its dyslexia and structured literacy process. 


Membership & Roles


Marsha Howell: Literacy Coach, ACESC

William Mullane: Supervisor, Central Office Liaison, State Communications

John Montanaro, Superintendent, Board Policy, and Communication